State Labor breaks promise to fund Joondalup Health Campus

9 May 2019

State Labor has again broken its promise to fund the Joondalup Health Campus (JHC).

Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said today’s state budget confirms that Mark McGowan has failed to meet the needs of the people of Joondalup and surrounding areas.

“The people of my federal electorate of Pearce urgently need additional health services at Joondalup,” Mr Porter said.

“That’s why the Federal Coalition Government has already paid the West Australian Government, $158 million of Commonwealth money for expansion of JHC.

“At the 2017 state election, Mark McGowan promised $167 million for JHC and in March 2018 acknowledged that the Federal Coalition Government’s commitment of $158 million was in addition to his own election commitment of $167 million: “The commitment we made stands but, obviously the Federal commitment assists us,” (West Australian, 8 March 2018)

“But today’s state budget confirms that the only money earmarked for JHC is the Federal Coalition’s $158 million.

“Page 282 of Budget Paper 2, Vol 1 lists the total cost of Joondalup Health Campus stage two as $158m – coincidentally the same amount committed by the Federal Coalition Government.

“Yet all we have seen from state Labor in the three budgets delivered since the 2017 election is broken promises to the people of Joondalup and surrounding areas.

“Yesterday in question time, Health Minister, Roger Cook, bumbled his way through a simple question about whether Labor would finally fulfil its election commitment.

He said “…we still have to understand the full nature of the project and the full details of the costings.”

“How long does it take Premier? Mr McGowan and his Health Minister should get in the car and speak to the people of Joondalup and they will quickly learn what’s needed at JHC.

“And where are Mr McGowan’s Federal Labor mates on JHC? Bill Shorten has been silent when he should be demanding state Labor honour its promise.

“Only the Federal Coalition Government can be trusted to deliver on its commitments. Not Bill Shorten and not state Labor in WA.”

Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough, said the state budget is a reminder that WA Labor is holding back our hospital.

“For three consecutive State Budgets, the McGowan Government has relied on creative accounting to convince locals that they are investing in Joondalup Hospital,” Mr Goodenough said.

“However, the only real money allocated to the expansion is the Federal Liberal contribution of $158 million – we are still waiting to see the $167 million promised by State Labor!”

Time for McGowan to deliver on election promise for Joondalup Health Campus

2 May 2019

State Labor must deliver on its promise for the Joondalup Health Campus in next week’s state budget.

Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, said the McGowan Government has failed to commit any of its own funds to the expansion of Joondalup Health Campus, despite a clear commitment at the last state election to deliver $167 million in state funding.

“State Labor promised at the 2017 state election that it would provide $167 million for Joondalup Health Campus, but so far, the people of my electorate and other neighbouring areas have seen nothing like this $167 million promise from Labor,” Mr Porter said.

“Mark McGowan promised the money would deliver an extra 90 public hospital beds, 30 mental health beds, an urgent-care clinic, and a new car park.

“The Federal Coalition Government in 2018 provided an additional $158 million for the expansion of the Joondalup Health Campus, which was always provided as a Federal Liberal investment in the hospital on top of the state commitment, as Mr McGowan acknowledged in March 2018 when he said: “The commitment we made stands but, obviously the Federal commitment assists us,” (West Australian, 8 March 2018)

“The Federal Liberal funding of $158 million appears in the WA State Budget, so why does the State Labor Government’s promised commitment of $167 million not appear in the State Budget?

“The McGowan Government has delivered two budgets since it was elected and so far the people in my electorate who urgently need the services of the Joondalup Health Campus just aren’t getting them from Labor.

“Mark McGowan has an opportunity in next week’s budget to honour his election commitment and deliver for Joondalup Health Campus.

“If he fails to do so the people of Joondalup and surrounding areas will know finally that Mark McGowan has broken a key election promise and cut $167 million from Joondalup Health Campus.

“Just like his Federal Labor counterpart, Bill Shorten, he will say anything to win votes with absolutely no intention of delivering on commitments.

“The people of Pearce expect Mr McGowan to honour his promise, not crab walk away from delivering on the state share of the Joondalup Health Campus expansion.”

Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough, said it is clear that WA Labor is again overlooking the people of Moore and Pearce, and holding back our hospital.

“It has been nearly a year since our Federal Liberal Government committed $158 million towards the expansion of Joondalup Hospital, but the people of Moore and Pearce still have to travel up to two hours for treatments, because WA Labor would rather sit on the funds,” Mr Goodenough said.

“This is simply not acceptable – my own mother has to travel to Charlie Gairdner Hospital, when she could be receiving treatment at Joondalup, had WA Labor spent the funding.

“Locals should not have to undertake a 2 hour round trip to get to a hospital simply because WA Labor would rather sit on Federal funds. Construction needs to commence without delay!”

Mr Porter and Mr Goodenough are calling for community support to stop Labor from holding back our hospital and to honour their promise.

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